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THE MORNING CALL                                                                                   SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019  13

           Schooley’s Mountain                        Hacklebarney State Park
           Short rocky hike in a beautiful gorge with waterfalls  hacklebarney/
           plus a viewpoint over a valley.            Gorgeous park that has the Black River as its
           Total hiking distance of 2.4 miles.        centerpiece and is stunning in the fall.
                                                      Total hiking distance of 3.7 miles. Rocky.
           Sourland Mountain Preserve
           Hike over boardwalks and through the boulders of  DAWN AND TOM’S FAVORITE HIKE + BEST VIEW:
           Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks.       Mt. Tammany
           Total hiking distance of 5.4 miles. Rocky.
                                                      Incredible, unique, panoramic view of New Jersey
           PET-FRIENDLY HIKES:                        and of Mt. Minsi across the Delaware River in
           Baldpate Mountain – Ted Stiles Preserve    Pennsylvania. The route up is short but super
   steep with a little rock scrambling. On the return,
           Hike that includes a view of the Delaware River and  hike past waterfalls and cascades on pretty
           passes old farm buildings and the Kuser Estate House.  Dunnfield Creek. “We’ve hiked Tammany so many
           Total hiking miles of 8.1 miles, or shorter variations.  times over the years and it just never disappoints!”
                                                      says Dawn. “The hike can be combined with other
           Jenny Jump State Forest – Ghost Lake       trails in the area – our absolute favorite route is
   to continue on to Sunfish Pond after climbing Mt.
           This hike offers many views of the surrounding  Tammany and return via Dunnfield Creek
           mountains and valleys before arriving at Ghost Lake.  or the Appalachian Trail.”
           Total hiking distance of 5.5 miles.        Total hiking distance of 11 miles                                              Sigafoos
                                                      Downside: Mt. Tammany is super popular, can
           KID-FRIENDLY HIKES:                        get crowded, and parking fills to capacity quickly
           Goat Hill Overlook                         on weekends.                                                                   Shannon
           Easy hike to a fantastic view over the Delaware
           River, Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA.                                                                                 by
           Total hiking distance of 1 mile.

            Mom, let me make

            a call for help...

                                                                                                   A L Z H E I M E R D I S E A S E

                                              Are you or someone you know suffering from Alzheimers?      If the cure is out there,
                                             Right now Lehigh Center for Clinical Research is conducting a  it’s in clinical research.
                                               research study of a potential new treatment for Alzheimers.  You can wait... or participate
                                                           Qualified participants receive
               Tomorrow’s cures...Today.            study related care and medication at no cost.           610-820-0342
           Dial ** STUDY... from your cell phone   You will also receive payment for time and travel.
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