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12 SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019                                                                                  THE MORNING CALL
        ■ Leisure

                                                         rees are past the point of full bloom, seasonal  take a quick road trip to discover more places to get
                                                         flowers are making the transition for hotter  moving on your feet this summer.
                                                    Tweather, people of all ages are out on bikes  We reached out to the creators of,
                                                    and baseball fields, and the Lehigh Valley is awash  Dawn and Tom, to find out which hikes offer a little
                                                    with diners enjoying happy hour outside. It all means  something extra to grab your attention and make
                                                    one thing: Summer is officially here.     the trek to get there well worth it. Dawn’s tips break
                                                       While we’ve been fortunate to not have  down which hikes having lots of available parking,
                                                    it turn too hot yet – our highs have generally  which are pet and child friendly, and which offer the
                                                    been in the 80s, albeit humid with patterns  best scenic views.
                                                    of rain and storms – it’s a bonus for all of the  “I chose the best hikes that are within a
                                                    hikers out there. With a light breeze, sun and  reasonable driving distance of under one hour to 90
                                                    warm temperatures, now is the perfect time to  minutes from Allentown or Phillipsburg, New Jersey,”
                                                    get out and get active without worrying about  explains Dawn. “Whether a hike is good for kids
                                                    heatstroke (we do, however, recommend you  or dogs really depends on the ability of the child or
                                                    hydrate and wear plenty of sunscreen).   the dog. Most hikes in the state allow dogs as long
                                                       While Pennsylvania has plenty of hiking spots  as they are on a six-foot leash, under control, and
                                                    within a few hours’ driving distance of the Valley,  cleaned up after.”
                                                    for this feature we’ve decided to focus on our  This list is by no means complete; Dawn and
                                                    neighboring state of New Jersey to inspire you to  Tom have compiled years of information at
                                                                                   , so definitely let us know about
                                                                                             any of your own favorite hikes by reaching out

                                                                                             HIKES WITH EASY PARKING:
                                                                                             Merrill Creek Reservoir
                                                                                             Moderate hike around Merrill Creek Reservoir with
                                                                                             views of the reservoir, opportunities to spot wildlife,
                                                                                             and a nice visitor center.
                                                                                             Total hiking distance of 6.7 or 5.5 miles.


              NewJersey                                                         offers


            for           hikes                                      o                   tips on driving distance,

                                                                                         pet & child-friendly
                                                                                         hikes, & those with

               scenicendings                                                             h
                                                                                         the best views

                                                                                         By Shannon Sigafoos of The Morning Call
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