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On the cover: Clockwise from top right, The Children’s Healthcare;
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS:                            Leader of the Pack; St. Luke’s University Health Network (Courtesy of
                                                                           St. Lukes University Health Network); Paul Wright Roofing and Moravian
                                                                           Village Market Street Cottages (Photo by Martin Richter). (Photos by
                           15-YEAR WINNERS ..................................4  Sarah Evans/The Morning Call unless otherwise noted)
                           DINING & RESTAURANTS.........................6

                           HOME & SERVICES ................................12

                           RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT.........22
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                           WELLNESS & PERSONAL STYLE ..........31

                    VP                                                              1 5th ANNIVERSARY 8

            2018                          Looking for businesses that connect the

            30,                   community?They’re all here in Readers’Choice.
            SEPTEMBER                                Welcome to The Morning Call’s 15th annual

                                                reader-selected ‘best-of’ Lehigh Valley businesses.
            SUNDAY,                      hat do a corn farmer, a home décor store, a sushi

                                                                                  community. You’re providing services to the people who call
                                         restaurant, a day spa and pet groomer have in com-
                                                                                  the area home. You take pride in what you do. People notice.
                                 Wmon? They’re among the businesses in the Lehigh
            CALL                Valley where you, area residents, are accustomed to getting  And this is the people’s way of saying “thank you.”
                                                                                    Everybody associated with Readers’Choice benefits
                                the very best customer service from reliable, friendly staff
            MORNING             again and again because of customer engagement, reliability,  ers and a direct connection with the community. From the
                                                                                 from it because it provides a direct connection with read-
                                members who have set themselves apart by going above and
                                beyond for their customers. They’re the places you return to
                                                                                 nomination process through the tallying of the votes and
            THE                 and those who know that there’s value in going the extra mile.  up through the final edits of this special section, Readers’
                                                                                 Choice gives The Morning Call inside information about
                                They’re the places you’d recommend to your friends, neigh-
                                                                                 where the people we’re writing for tend to frequent. It shows
            OF                  bors, and colleagues. How do we know? Because for the 15th  us how you appreciate the cities, towns and boroughs that
                                year, you’ve told us.
            SECTION  content and the photos, and design the pages. But every year,  listed online and in the pages of this section, along with pho-
                                                                                 make up the region. It reminds us that there are hard workers
                                  This annual section would not be possible year after year
                                                                                 everywhere, across all types of businesses.
                                without our readers. Sure, we may sell the ads, put together the
                                                                                   The first-place winners in more than 300 categories are
                               we rely on our readers to take the time to vote — to pick the
            ADVERTISING  at    centers, the best home repairmen — and determine who stands  We thank area businesses for their commitment.And noth-
                                                                                tos of the people who make the Lehigh Valley the best place
                               people and places, the food and drinks, the health and wellness
                                                                                to work — and live. We thank our readers for their votes.
                               out as the best of the best.
                                                                                ing would thrill us more than continuing to see community
                                  Readers’Choice has never been about what a bunch of
                               newsroom staffers think about local businesses. This has
            SPECIAL  online  Choice  people who soak up the local culture, who visit the local  members patronizing those establishments that have earned
                                                                                the title of “Readers’Choice.”
                               always been about the voices of the Valley’s residents — the
                                                                                   Thank you,
                               doctors, whose kids train in the local gymnastics centers and
                   Readers’    pick pumpkins at local farms. So if your business is a winner,        Jim Feher
                               stop and think about what that means about your place in the
                                                                                                     Vice President ofAdvertising
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