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                                                  AMERICAN FOOD                             BAR          BUFFALO/
                                                                                         (OVERALL)      HOT WINGS
                                                    Apollo Grill
                                                                                    Big Woody’s     P.J. Whelihan’s
                                                                                  BARBECUE FOOD     BUFFET/AMERICAN
                                                    Grille 3501
                                                                                       Smokin’       Golden Corral
                                                         BAGELS                      Bull Shack
                                                 Johnny’s Bagels                     BEER BRAND
                                                        & Deli                          (DOMESTIC)    New China
                                                         BAKERY                       Yuengling
                                                                                         Lager        BURGER
                                                      Emmaus                                            (LOCAL)
                                                        Bakery                       BEER BRAND
                                                                                          (IMPORT)  Red Robin
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016                         (NEIGHBORHOOD)                       Corona          BURRITO                                                                                                                                           Courtesy of Youell’s Oyster House

                                                       The Pub                          BEER LIST   Cali Burrito     Youell’s Oyster House was voted best “Crab Cakes” and best “Local Seafood Restaurant” this year
                                                       On Main                          OR MENU                      by The Morning Call readers.
                                                 Thank you for voting us              Keystone
                                                                                     Pub & Grill    Café Bachi’s
                                                 Best Wedding Cake!
SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF THE MORNING CALL                                        BEVERAGE/      CASINO DINING     CHINESE             COFFEE SHOP                  DESSERT
                                                 335 Grape St. • Whitehall, PA        SOFT DRINK        EXPERIENCE   RESTAURANT                   (LOCAL)
                                                           610-984-5978                                                                                                 Blondies
                                                                                        A-Treat       Emeril’s Fish     Hunan              Tim Hortons
                                                                       House       Springs                                             DINER
                                                 More than Just a Piece of Cake!  BREAKFAST MENU                                             CRAB CAKES
                                                                                                     CHEESE STEAKS   CHOCOLATES                                      Trivet Family
                                                                                           The                                            Youell’s Oyster              Dinerants
                                                                                      Brass Rail    Matey’s Famous   Josh Early                 House
                                                                                                     Steaks & Pizza    Candies                                      ETHNIC CUISINE
                                                         NEW                                                                                                        White Orchids
                                                 CHINA BUFFET                                                                                   Vava’s               Thai Cuisine
                                                                                                                                                   DELI               RESTAURANT

                                                                                                                                           Café Bachi’s               Red Robin

                                                 BYOB                             Crab Legs                                                                                         Thank you for
                                                                                  Every Night                                                                                          voting us

          We thank you for voting us...                                                             Thank you for voting us                                                   Best Indian Restaurant
                                                                                                    “Best Breakfast Menu”                                                                again!
         “Best Chinese Buffet
           in the Lehigh Valley”                                                                                   3015 Lehigh Street     Lunch Buffet Everyday               11 years in a row
                     12 Years in a Row!                                                                               610•797•1927
                                                                                                                                                 only $9.95
                          1658 S. 4th Street, Allentown                                            
                                  Mountainville Shopping Ctr.                                                                                      Take Out Buffet

                         610-797-7768                                                                                                            only $5.50/lb.

6                                                                                                                     Closed Mondays          16 years in a row
                                                                                                                                          13 East Fourth St. • Bethlehem, PA

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